Google I/O 2015 sets a low bar for Apple's WWDC to leap

Google I/O 2015 sets a low bar for Apple's WWDC to leap
From all the breathless coverage detailing Google's I/O 2015 conference announcements, you might not have noticed that virtually all of what Google had to show this year were things Apple had already introduced over the past year (or long ago).

I'm not at Google IO, so... but either we're looking at different announcements or somebody has their head in the sand. Between Google Wear's touchable fabrics and the RADAR interaction interface, these announcements are just as forward-thinking as anything Apple has announced recently.

"Where do 3rd party application developers go?" is a more important question. The same question from the early 90s when Microsoft Windows 95 was the 80% to Mac OS 20%. The answer is: the healthiest 3rd party eco-system drives worldwide dominance.

You could call Android the "Windows XP" of mobile. Which could be a back-handed compliment. Or it could be a way of describing that the next 10 years will be dominated by Android.