PDF Script Watermarker

Watermarking longer PDF documents & manuscripts like screenplays or teleplays is made simpler with Script Watermarker, a new Mac App now available in the Mac App Store. Script Watermarker uses patterns of OCR-unfriendly dots to encode your text message each page of the document and can rasterize pages to defeat copy and paste. Script Watermarker in the Mac App Store.


MoviesForMyPod goes MAS

The well-loved Mac App MoviesForMyPod (since 2006) is now available in the Mac App Store. MoviesForMyPod in the Mac App Store.


Tighten Pro

Generate a complete Mac App Store implementation, complete with security checks, in under 10 minutes.



FaceBoof! webcam fun Apple Mac

FaceBoof! is now available on the Mac App Store!

FaceBoof! allows you to combine up to three different effects into one mega-effect. FaceBoof! also includes Face-tracking technology. It's really cool. Check it out.



Reducticon iOS Developer Tool

Reduction is a simple tool for iOS developers that provides a batch workflow for reducing icon artwork to the myriad sizes required by the iOS app package.

Reduction in the Mac App Store

iPad Apps

Festive, useful, fun iPad apps.