9to5Google: Beyond Good and Evil

9to5Google: Beyond Good and Evil: "Included with the lemonade stand image and ‘don’t copy’ caption is another Schmidt line on originality and competition. ‘Playing catch-up with the competition will never help you get ahead by creating something new,’ Schmidt says. Google would be the ‘hard’ boozy lemonade to the competitions’ fresh lemonade. In the case of Google Plus, the booze could be the hangouts or perhaps the photo editing features or integration with other Google products."
Some fireside musings from the chief Googly guy.

Amazon buys Twitch for $970M, pushes into video streaming market

Amazon buys Twitch for $970M, pushes into video streaming market: "Twitch started life in 2011 as an offshoot of former live Internet broadcast site Justin.tv, itself cofounded by Shear in 2007, and was recently rumored to be in acquisition talks with Google and Yahoo. Over the past three years, Twitch has amassed a huge following that the company recently pegged at 55 million active users. "
This is cool but it's relatively easy for YouTube to add this functionality.