Three Terrific Freehand Sketch and Drawing Apps for the iPad

Saying more downloads means an app is better is like saying more lemmings makes jumping off a cliff better.

You've probably heard of Paper 53 and Apple Design Award winner Procreate, but you may not of heard of these three terrific freehand sketching apps for the iPad:

  1. FLIPINK - I was amused to read the user reviews complaining that Flipink had "copied" Paper. Steve Jobs is rumoured to have said "good artists copy, great artists steal" So pipe down fanboys and just download and try it. The drawing tools are really, really great.
  2. SKETCHES - Sketches by Tayasui is another terrific freehand drawing app for the iPad. Not only it free. It's also free of gratuitous UI animation chrome and candy. More like an actual set of papers and ink.
  3. ZEN BRUSH - Finally, a list of this kind would not be complete without my favorite app for the iPad, Zen Brush. Zen Brush isn't so much a freehand drawing app as it is an introduction to traditional Japanese calligraphy. The UI is uncluttered and free of bogus animation and distracting crapola which seems to dominate "popular" apps. Not that popular has ever meant anything in pop culture.