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A Third Steve Jobs Movie? Please Tell Me They’re Not Calling It iSteve: "Because two Steve Jobs biopics aren’t nearly enough, Funny or Die will release a third that will beat the Kutcher and Sorkin projects to market. "

This will be the good one. It's too soon for a serious biopic, the time is ripe for a skewering.

3 Quirky Free Graphic Design Software Programs for Mac

1. DotMatrix FREE from b-l-a-c-k-o-p.com.

DotMatrix FREE is a retro graphics generator that uses the Mac's built-in webcam (iSight or FaceTime) camera. Hundreds of customizable retro art presets are available with virtually unlimited color customization.

The higher priced pOpOp version can output vector graphic PDF files.

The tool includes a variety of integrated masking, posterization and halftoning tools which are combined in unique and suprising ways.

The product claims to make art creation accessible to those "without talent" and I think they have a point.
2. InspectPNG for Mac.

InspectPNG is a tool that only the techically inclined will love. If you find yourself with a weird PNG file that doesn't display correctly somewhere/anywhere, InspectPNG will probably have the answer. It seems that the new Retina ICNS on Mountain Lion are using new PNG features. Who can keep track? Isn't a PNG just a PNG? Apparently not.
3. FaceBoof! may be unique in claiming to be absolutely useless. Whimsy and comedy abound in this simple application which is sometimes free and sometimes cheap. You may want to use an App price monitoring tool to determine the best time to download.